last days no alternate!

so it was  not so fun while in the last few days.lots of ups & downs i gotta get to.

As it always happens when a problem finishes ,the second one is standing there for you.

The good thing is i have registered as a volunteer myself to work with some nonprofit  organisations for the nobal causes which could somehow as far as i think help me to get out of my problems & give me a bit of smile! 🙂

But you really know this nobility even can’t give us sometimes rest,,see what happens,”

“I want to ask the president, why did he kill my son? He said my son 
died in a noble cause, and I want to ask him what that noble cause is.”

– Cindy Sheehan, whose son died in Iraq, is protesting outside of 
Bush’s ranch until she gets a chance to speak with him. In a speech 
on Wednesday, Bush said that the sacrifices of U.S. troops were “made 
in a noble cause.” She is prepared to follow the president back to 
Washington, if necessary. She was joined by 50 other protesters, who 
urged Bush to send his twin daughters, Jenna and Barbara, to Iraq “if 
the cause is so noble.”


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