Everyone must have seen ups & downs in his life . It’s different matter that only a few can make rules regulations in their life regarding dos & don’s .Some people whom I know lives their lives with the belief “What is life for me?” They have some reasons which we can either accept or deny & out of them what we find appropriate there is no harm in accepting them. If we even make 10 things out of all these the basic rule of our life, trust me there will be a drastic change in your life visible even to blind. .
  • Life is not easy but above of all this this is good .
  • Whenever you’re stuck, pick up a small step.
  • Life is so short & so it has no time to waste in hating someone.
  • Whenever you are ill, your work will not look after you. Instead of ,your friends & parents will be with you . So stay in contact.
  • Pay your credit bill monthly on time.
  • It’s not at all necessary that you will win in every debate. So be ready to accept your nonacceptance even.
  • Cry with others. Far better than crying alone.
  • It’s good to be angry with GOD . HE will accept it too .
  • From your first income start saving a little for your retirement.
  • When it comes to chocolate , all refusals becomes past .
  • Walk with your past keeping peace & calm & it’ll never bug you again .
  • It’s not bad to cry in front of your children.
  • Don’t compare yourself with others because you don’t know how he has reached to that place or how much has he suffered to be there?
  • If you like to keep any relation secret than it’s good not to fall in that .
  • An Eye wink can change the world but no worries because GOD do not wink His eyes .
  • Take a long & deep breathe, it will help in making heart & mind calm.
  • Useless or the things which make you sad , get rid of theme asap.
  • The situation which can’t kill you , actually make you much more stronger .
  • Time is not yet gone to spend happy childhood , it’s still in your hand , do for others childhood .
  • When it’s about love & likings in your life , don’t turn your face .
  • Every day is so special, so don’t wait for some special day . Spend every days as special day with your dear ones.
  • Flow with the speed of time.
  • Don’t wait for tomorrow for enjoyment.
  • Mind is the best friend & enemy choose yourself what should you do ?
  • No one can make you happy except yourself .
  • Ask yourself about the problems & difficulties you face,”What will be the effect of it after five years ?”
  • Always choose the life .
  • Forgive everyone .
  • It’s not your work what other think about you.
  • Time can fill all wounds , so give some time to time.
  • Remember how good or bad situation is , it’s not going to be same forever.
  • Do not take yourself so serious because others too do not take you so.
  • Believe in miracles.
  • Do not audit your life .
  • Your children has only get one childhood.
  • In the end , the thing that is important is how many people loves you.
  • Get out everyday, lots of miracles waiting for you.
  • Best is yet to come .
  • Life can’t be bounded , it is invaluable gift .

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