I was just wondering what I should write about? Lots of crash is in mind revolving like hell from this corner to that. And the whole thing just stuck at one point Attitude , lots of people around me have serious attitude problem. They show it because they want to, without even giving a thought that what if I start. Don’t you think,”Where was my that attitude when I was asking for help ? From where was that gentle talks bursting from my mouth at that very time when the one was helping?Isn’t it the same person who was so nice before & still being nice to me? And later should you not thinking what would have happened if that person have shown the same attitude towards me too?Am I so conscious about being so smart or I am a real idiot with nothing on ground?”
Some people do things without even thinking what would be the consequences if they do this? Let’s take an example of being in so attitude or loosing sense of control…
You get up so late to go to your work. Kinda in hurry, & at once your kid just split some milk over the table mistakenly … Now there could be two paths that may design your whole day …

1)You scold your child for what he did & get some more delay to go & make everyone mood off & left the house & your kid even missed the school bus due to you so mother has to go till school with him & While driving you checked your pocket & what ? forget even purse & mobile … Now you have to go back & get some more time in your delay counter & after honorable delay you reaches offices & there now your Boss welcomes you with quite hard to crack speech & questions & then drives your senses more crazy & makes you more frustrated & then this frustration can be seen in your work too & everything goes wrong & then whole day becomes no more than just unhappy seconds which you have pass even if you don’t want .

Now see it’s counter part

2)You didn’t scold your child just tell him nicely to be careful & then child go to school on time via bus & even if you forget your purse & mobile, your wife could have reminded you & deliver those things to you & then you reach office on time & do your work properly .

So wasn’t that happy ending ? What would you prefer … being so obnoxious or being so smart ?

I experience these things almost every day [but let me tell you,I face being smart one & yes I feel really great after some time passes that I didn’t do anything stupid at that time ;)]Let me tell ya I too have attitude i.e. much much greater than yours. So don’t ya dare cross limits .

Buddy I know attitude matters most, it counts to 100 but don’t let it take control over you else you just think that you can think champ .

I am writing here what am I feeling  just, it got nothing to insult anyone or anything, if you felt so I apologize .

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