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This is actually very hard thing to do, for me at least, to get some time out & write Some things which I am thinking all the way down from no matter how long, may be a couple of years or months or weeks or days or hours or minutes or even seconds … but always when I start writing it’s fun to me. How fun, like I rarely see what I am typing because I can’t really do two things at a time either I can think or write or stare at the monitor to check spellings or type, of course [but typing doesn’t matter much] … so what I basically do is, close my eyes & start writing whatever comes into my mind , this way I can concentrate more on my thinking rather than my typing so that I  can write quickly & better, of course.
So this way I can save few minutes which I will surely waste somewhere else :-P. Anyways I am not pro blogger and I don’t wanna be either, because then I will loose fun part basically.

These are just some of blog’s stats :

  • 1,658 views all-time
  • 12 views today
  • 48 views on your busiest day,  April 25, 2010Posts: 34Comments: 1

    Categories: 4

    Tags: 44

    Site subscriptions: 3 active subscribers

    Comment subscriptions: 0 subscribers, 0 subscriptions

    That’s quite low but I told na, I am neither a pro blogger nor a regular one but trying to be, now … 🙂 I dream to get loads of comments & visitors one day too 😉 It is said na, “Someday we gonna rise up on that wind you knowSomeday we gonna dance with those lions.” But sometimes I think, “Dude, it’s been more than two years & you wrote only this much, bus etna hi… shame on you:-D.” There are people like skbohra who get around same number of views I have total in few hours :-). Then I think miles to go before I sleep.  Touch-wood 🙂 feeling sleepy zzz…


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