Afraid Of

Gazing at stars, he took birth but
so afraid to let go, kept his eyes shut
far far away from the noise of this new-built city
he was asleep in the shade of chestnut.

The way he walked, marked a cut
rendering his life in a rut
shattering his bones
making him a brut.

His heart shakes every time, a storm passes by,
blocking it with more disgust
even air appears to be an attack,
filling his nostrils with undesirable break & dust.

Veins on the verge of explosion,
flowing rivers of tears,
spilled blood on the floor,
longest journey ahead for the peace, but
lies there a fact not known to him,
about a hidden diamond which is just yet uncut.

0B56 DC8B 47E6 E3DA AAC5  EE9B DC0F A6F7 8693 8511

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