2nd april, Saturday,
Let me close my eyes & try to feel that music again that was beating across my heart when in that over ball crossed boundary & everyone was shouting like hell that one is barely able to hear his own voice. I never heard that kinda coordination before really astounding one. When you continually hear so loud same pitch sound for too long, your ears lost their hearing sensibility & we went out of the world to celebrate the moment of historical victory over Sri Lanka. People say, “God Rama in the form of Sachin got victory over Lanka again.” Really that was moment was like I want to live again. People were falling upon each other, singing, shouting [ some were trying to shout ( Why trying, shout continuously 15-20 Mins you will know! ) ], flash of cameras, crying, dancing, smell of bear in the air & that sound coming out of all the voices was, I can’t really explain. It was worth feeling. I’m feeling lucky. Indian Cricket Team did it eventually 😉 After T-20 now, We are world champions. Man awesome! While waving flag, I felt like I am flying with it. Freakishly addictive. Sachin zindabad, vande matram, dhoni zindabad & even poonam pandey zindabad etc were the slogans in the air.As the Ravi Shastri said, “Now let’s call upon …” Everyone was again out of control & he humbly said,”Thank you all for your support.” [ What a magnificant attitude, truely! ] Do I had to write name of that person? And as soon as the closing ceremony went off, everyone around start yelling & around 150 students were on roads within 2-3 minutes marching for one nation, for their happiness, for the one team, for the one game that binds whole nation in one thread, for the eternal victory, for the gift given to Great God of Cricket by his team-mates, for the love, for the life, for me, for you & for everything around us.
This was the best part & the worst part is ICC played with our emotions handing the fake WC Trophy to India and the person who did this is none other than an Indian, president of ICC “Sharad Power” such a shame for India. What the F*** that guy really is? I ask people, “Why burn pupet of him, just burn him down!” ICC has played with our emotions, with our hearts, with the people who did so hard work to get that cup, with the one guy who waited all his life to kiss that cup once. If Sachin really wanted to kiss fake trophy? I would suggest that president not to walk on indian roads else people will crush your bones, trust me. Those people have anger that you can’t even imagine. I really not in mood to write more about this insane scandel but like to slap that guy once.



Wireless in Fedora v>=13

In the last few days after upgrading my machine [hp pavilion dv2762tx] from fedora 12 to fedora 13 & so as to fedora 14, my wireless wasn’t working [Bluetooth was!] I tried everything upgrading kernel & all.

Here is the solution

Just type into the terminal as a root or a sudo user [Though you should never work with root ]

[root@crazyeth0 tracker]# ifconfig wlan0 up
SIOCSIFFLAGS: Operation not possible due to RF-kill
If you found this type of error then your wireless is disabled by default via rfkill- a tool for enabling disabling wireless devices
Now type in the terminal again to check & see if you found like this:
[root@crazyeth0 tracker]# rfkill list
0: hp-wifi: Wireless LAN
Soft blocked: yes
Hard blocked: yes
1: hp-bluetooth: Bluetooth
Soft blocked: yes
Hard blocked: yes
2: phy0: Wireless LAN
Soft blocked: yes
Hard blocked: yes
Then chances are your wireless devices are disabled due to it.
To enable it type again in terminal:
[root@crazyeth0 tracker]# rfkill unblock all
On Success, you type again
[root@crazyeth0 tracker]# rfkill list
0: hp-wifi: Wireless LAN
Soft blocked: no
Hard blocked: yes
1: hp-bluetooth: Bluetooth
Soft blocked: no
Hard blocked: yes
2: phy0: Wireless LAN
Soft blocked: no
Hard blocked: no
5: hci0: Bluetooth
Soft blocked: no
Hard blocked: no
And you will see your most of the devices have been enabled & will start working , Cheers!
If not ahh, then may be it is blocked due to kernel then you are supposed to remove a module of wireless from kernel. How? Here is:
[root@crazyeth0 tracker]# rmmod -f hp-wmi
On success, this will remove the wireless module from kernel & your wireless should have started working, Cheers again!
If still you got issues then you should consider installing drivers according to your distribution or just check if the hardware button that turns on or off the wireless device is working correctly or not 🙂 😉


What am I thinking is to put DND(Do not disturb) out of my room? But think that’s gonna mess things up more! I don’t know why the hell people don’t understand the meaning of word privacy? Why don’t they do their work & let others do the same!

In the last four year of engineering I met various kind of creepy stuff, who are intruders to someone’s privacy or some who actually love this word. Is this really necessary to ping even if the status is DND? Why do the hell you not understand it is RED sign? Why don’t they understand it is my life & I want to live the way I want without their fucking interference or whenever I try to put some filter, they say,”see his attitude.” LOL O’rely! GTFO Man! You are not welcome here.

Why the hell they are so much interested in others lives? Never heard, “Live & let live!”

Why do they expect to know everyone secret? Man don’t you even understand the meaning of word “SECRET.” Think if I tell you, would it be called secret anymore or are you really worth keeping it secret? You think yes? If you say that I promise I won’t tell anyone, then I would say, “Go To Hell! I am not going to tell you even!” 😉

I need more privacy, I like to do some work, do not disturb! Or I will create a Firewall rule, then no matter your intention is right or wrong, you will be blocked! Just a quick notice to my so call friends!

Privacy is not something that I’m merely entitled to, it’s an absolute prerequisite.


I was just wondering what I should write about? Lots of crash is in mind revolving like hell from this corner to that. And the whole thing just stuck at one point Attitude , lots of people around me have serious attitude problem. They show it because they want to, without even giving a thought that what if I start. Don’t you think,”Where was my that attitude when I was asking for help ? From where was that gentle talks bursting from my mouth at that very time when the one was helping?Isn’t it the same person who was so nice before & still being nice to me? And later should you not thinking what would have happened if that person have shown the same attitude towards me too?Am I so conscious about being so smart or I am a real idiot with nothing on ground?”
Some people do things without even thinking what would be the consequences if they do this? Let’s take an example of being in so attitude or loosing sense of control…
You get up so late to go to your work. Kinda in hurry, & at once your kid just split some milk over the table mistakenly … Now there could be two paths that may design your whole day …

1)You scold your child for what he did & get some more delay to go & make everyone mood off & left the house & your kid even missed the school bus due to you so mother has to go till school with him & While driving you checked your pocket & what ? forget even purse & mobile … Now you have to go back & get some more time in your delay counter & after honorable delay you reaches offices & there now your Boss welcomes you with quite hard to crack speech & questions & then drives your senses more crazy & makes you more frustrated & then this frustration can be seen in your work too & everything goes wrong & then whole day becomes no more than just unhappy seconds which you have pass even if you don’t want .

Now see it’s counter part

2)You didn’t scold your child just tell him nicely to be careful & then child go to school on time via bus & even if you forget your purse & mobile, your wife could have reminded you & deliver those things to you & then you reach office on time & do your work properly .

So wasn’t that happy ending ? What would you prefer … being so obnoxious or being so smart ?

I experience these things almost every day [but let me tell you,I face being smart one & yes I feel really great after some time passes that I didn’t do anything stupid at that time ;)]Let me tell ya I too have attitude i.e. much much greater than yours. So don’t ya dare cross limits .

Buddy I know attitude matters most, it counts to 100 but don’t let it take control over you else you just think that you can think champ .

I am writing here what am I feeling  just, it got nothing to insult anyone or anything, if you felt so I apologize .


    Everyone must have seen ups & downs in his life . It’s different matter that only a few can make rules regulations in their life regarding dos & don’s .Some people whom I know lives their lives with the belief “What is life for me?” They have some reasons which we can either accept or deny & out of them what we find appropriate there is no harm in accepting them. If we even make 10 things out of all these the basic rule of our life, trust me there will be a drastic change in your life visible even to blind. .
  • Life is not easy but above of all this this is good .
  • Whenever you’re stuck, pick up a small step.
  • Life is so short & so it has no time to waste in hating someone.
  • Whenever you are ill, your work will not look after you. Instead of ,your friends & parents will be with you . So stay in contact.
  • Pay your credit bill monthly on time.
  • It’s not at all necessary that you will win in every debate. So be ready to accept your nonacceptance even.
  • Cry with others. Far better than crying alone.
  • It’s good to be angry with GOD . HE will accept it too .
  • From your first income start saving a little for your retirement.
  • When it comes to chocolate , all refusals becomes past .
  • Walk with your past keeping peace & calm & it’ll never bug you again .
  • It’s not bad to cry in front of your children.
  • Don’t compare yourself with others because you don’t know how he has reached to that place or how much has he suffered to be there?
  • If you like to keep any relation secret than it’s good not to fall in that .
  • An Eye wink can change the world but no worries because GOD do not wink His eyes .
  • Take a long & deep breathe, it will help in making heart & mind calm.
  • Useless or the things which make you sad , get rid of theme asap.
  • The situation which can’t kill you , actually make you much more stronger .
  • Time is not yet gone to spend happy childhood , it’s still in your hand , do for others childhood .
  • When it’s about love & likings in your life , don’t turn your face .
  • Every day is so special, so don’t wait for some special day . Spend every days as special day with your dear ones.
  • Flow with the speed of time.
  • Don’t wait for tomorrow for enjoyment.
  • Mind is the best friend & enemy choose yourself what should you do ?
  • No one can make you happy except yourself .
  • Ask yourself about the problems & difficulties you face,”What will be the effect of it after five years ?”
  • Always choose the life .
  • Forgive everyone .
  • It’s not your work what other think about you.
  • Time can fill all wounds , so give some time to time.
  • Remember how good or bad situation is , it’s not going to be same forever.
  • Do not take yourself so serious because others too do not take you so.
  • Believe in miracles.
  • Do not audit your life .
  • Your children has only get one childhood.
  • In the end , the thing that is important is how many people loves you.
  • Get out everyday, lots of miracles waiting for you.
  • Best is yet to come .
  • Life can’t be bounded , it is invaluable gift .

I am

I am crunched,I am crashed,I am smashed,I am fucked,I am stuffed,I am toasted, I am bowd, I am cockeyed, I am crazy, I am crooked , I am crumpled, I am distorted, I am twisted, I am warped , I am suffocated, I am tanked, I am the worse for, I am weakened , I am worsened, I am suppressed, I am subjugated, i am raddled, I am reduced, I am pissed, I am polluted, I am potted, I am skunk-drunk, I am oiled, I am pickled, I am aggravated, I am burned, I am busted, I am canned, I am chipped, I am crocked, I am harmed, I am imperfect, I am muddled, I am quashed, I am  scalded, I am  squiffy, I am  stewed, I am  subdued, I am  swacked, I am  torn, I am  slashed, I am screwed , I am exacerbated, I am felled, I am  flattened, I am  fried , I am  pissy-eyed, I am lopsided , I am unplugged, I am  soaked, I am overstuffed, I am  burst, I am overfed, I am  overgorged, I am overloaded, I am disgusted, I am frustrated, I am irritated, I am not I am now 😦

OK it’s done now , it’s hard now to find out more words in my memory.:(

yeah last one now I am memory-less.


I used to think that I can think,
but awful Thought to drink,
that I can not Think !

One might wonder what it takes to think,
but thunder even takes time to blink !

People say I am no mind
because my mind shrink with each ring.
but the question that stinks
is how does mind ring ?
See now even you know I can not Think !

One might wonder what it takes to think,
nothing my friend ,
doublethink ?Just an eye wink !

Have seen dog whose tail has no kink ,
Even girls like pink ,
so where does it all sink ?

Din’ you heard the glass’s clink ,
rather prefer unthink than to think ,
how often you find yourself being a fink`,

Seen the only light that wink
on the other side of this deepest sink
seen that plinth, heard that oink
on the other side of this deepest sink
I did think I can reach to that only brink

but one might wonder what it takes to think,
I would say
you stink & you sometimes overthink
that you can think !

Almighty ! People say I can not think !
And that is a awful Thought to drink !
And harsh world think they are thinkable ,
but really the harsh think is
they just think they can !

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So uhmm…. one or two days before I was giving talk on network & security tools under Linux under Lugb week . While showing demos I got stuck somewhere . I was using gooscan used as a google scanner to crawl google & fetch results from google search . As it started looking up , got an error of Host not found: . I tried pinging to but nothing happen . So I just left that thing as it is & move on to next.  But the question remain unanswered for me , continuously bugging me .

So as I was about to sleep at night I got an idea to solve this problem using java. I retired from bed instantly & start writing a java program that fetch any site’s ip address for which it has to ping given URL , & that is all I wanted to test.

here is that program :

import java.util.*;
import java.lang.*;

public class ip
public static void main (String args[ ]){
InetAddress my[ ]=InetAddress.getAllByName(“”);
System.out.println(“IP of my system is:=”+my[0].getHostAddress());
}catch(Exception e){
System.out.println(“Exception has been caught=”+e.getMessage());

So when i execute it throws an exception while reading the address given to it. I thought a bit why it is still happening what this class basically does which i have used to query in this program then i get to know that this class basically checks for the DNS & the puzzle solved.

Since I am under a squid proxy server & whenever I query for a DNS that request go to this proxy server not to the real server , in the same way when i try to ping , request goes to proxy server not to &  the host we actually required is not reachable , but it’s cache which is stored in  proxy server is reachable. Got it ?So another cool hack by me 😀 yeah yeah now stop making fun of me !

IRC Puzzle !

So from many days i have been using irc channels to contact  people & to be more socialize but got some problem like this, “My ISP uses a pix firewall through which he has blocked almost all the ports except 8080 & the reason is he actually doesn’t properly configure that for only some ports so it was not even possible for me to connect to irc channel using port 6667 because that is even blocked & all in the series.
There was a solution of using but that is not feasible because  after remaining idle using this you will simultaneously be logged out due to session out problem. So i have to rejoin all the channels again & again & that is so boring job..

So here is the solution of problem , I thought to use webchat but not directly means there is always one way or other to do things ..

here is my solution all you have to do to just save it as let’s say irc.html & you are good to go!

<iframe src=”; width=”1250″ height=”450”></iframe>

just replace value of nick variable with your nickname & replace channel1 value with the channel you like to join separating out them with %2C like lugb. Prompt is use to authenticate to services as it is necessary to speak on some channels or you can remove it ;)This iframe actually break contact with browser directly so all the problem are solved

Have phun with irc

One last breath

Two o one o is playing GMAE with me & i have not yet won a single match … what the f***! My luck has left me , GOD is not even responding…Things are becoming more tough for me…
I dream of world where i lie on the bed of rose in COMPLETE ZERO.I close of my eyes to see toxication spreading out in my body, I feel that bed on which i am lying is burning & flames are high in air with white smoke that is forming clouds ….& the best thing is wind is not letting these clouds to stay . Who knows where they will go & convert into rain.
Living in my own world,didn’t understand that anything can happen when you take a chance,I never believed in what I couldn’t see,I never opened my heart to all the possiblities,I know…that something has changed.
First time I did it & I never knew that it could happen till just happened to me , I did it never before by now it’s easy to see but HE wants to revert the process, I am really pissed off.Why does it happen to me?
A dialogue of a movie just came to my mind that says,
” hamari filmo ki tarah hamari
zindagi mein bhi end tak sab theek ho jaata hai….
Aur agar woh theek nahin hai,
to woh THE END nahin hai dosto,
Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost,
Picture abhi baaki hai……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
That means a ray of hope is still there…I think! 😦
Sad eyes follow me
But I still believe there’s something left for me
So please come stay with me
Cause I still believe there’s something left for you and me
For you and me
For you and me