Yet another hack !

So in the last few days I had been to FOSS.IN (Will tell you later about this wonderful thing). As I entered in the convention centre, my eyes stuck at a girl , obviously, didn’t know  her name. She was running from here to there doing things , looking nice & fresh . Unknowingly,  I managed to dig myself into some workouts . After few minutes again,happened to meet the same girl but with different attire , this time she was looking a little different with kinda different behaviour . But the questions were still tackling my mind. Almost after an hour,  found her running to complete pending tasks probably, with the same look I saw her first time as  entered. Still unable to guess her name. A question stroke my mind,”what’s the need of changing  dresses so frequently?” Whatever, I didn’t think about this all much & finished myself with day1. So @day2, again in arena . Ahh !That chick again in front of me. With all of my surprise , she was wearing an id-card, 🙂 so her name is SHILPA . Ehh!! Luckily, found a watch on my right hand that told me I am so late damn ! Need to hurry get myself to workouts . All of my surprise ,her again before me there in workouts with different looks & id-card too. So this time her name was changed to STEILA . I was laughing & people was staring at me. Looks like became mad .

Ahh ! Things were becoming easy for me now , some queries have already been solved & lots are there waiting in a queue. I got to know about those two girls with almost same looks & style . They were looking like sisters. And my mind was full of thoughts of thoughts (like changing dresses etc. such foolish things :D). In a better way, they were Twins , but not like I thought, twins should be, just saw few days ago in a movie named JUDWA (that means TWINS) that both of the twin brothers’ gestures were same throughout the life , such as when one move his hand other one start moving too .. such an idiocy . Those girls were not like that movie twin i think 😛 though i don’t know them much .

I engaged myself in work again & they in theirs. Shilpa was successfully trying to manage things over there or that was Steila ahh ! still confused with who was who?

At the day3 , nice to see both of them together when was busy in doing some hacks. I start figuring out difference in them but alas ! my mind diverted & things became difficult for me to solve , kept stuck at that code till  half an hour. Actually When I was busy in looking those twins ,  missed a line in that code , gosh !!Foolish line 🙂 So lem’me suggest you all never look at twins when they both are standing near you . Else the result could be dangerous & could render into unknown problem !! as happened with my case 😀

At the day 4 , in the music concert,faced a twist again . One of the twin was on the stage, just calling for everyone to turn their machines off including me & calling people to come forward & enjoy the show. Yay !! I thought to shut my notebook down too & set my position near the stage . Again one more twist, she started singing. Actually she was the part of the band .Cool Man ! I thought, “damn man ! That geeky chick can sing even 1000 times better than me i used to sing . FOSS.IN was really unfolding many new things for me ! Her voice was so beautiful & actually she made a successful attempt to tie everyone up there in her voice’s magic & making people to dance with her. And that people include her twin sister too who was enjoying the music spreading out in that auditorium .

So at the last day , after the concert , i met one of the twins & thanked for all that we had in last 5 days (I know she don’t remember now, no matters).I must say both twins are expertise in what they do . Really !

Finally I got back to home. I was as usual looking at tweets & found both of them on twitter spreading out mind blowing aura of the twins .Set my mind to follow those girls for the updates. As  my twitter client pops up on the desktop with Shilpa’s  twitter update , found that she was trying to find out some sort of honeymoon place in Thailand. A question start revolving in my mind. But as usual overlooked that update 😀 I made a tweet against them & got lots of goods 😀 . The very next day , my twitter client showed me her more updates saying that she has found the place for the one & that question again start jumping in my mind that was overlooked .Ahh ! I asked her that question  but in vain . No reply yet 😦 (that is a bad example of open source support :D)

So decided to get the answers on my own. My friend Linux & Google worked together & helped me in making one more hack ! Everything looks a little bit clear now …

This whole #hack was a little different but cool one ! Still lots of things to dig into. Hacking twins such a nice & strange experience  😀 still lot to hack .. just lacking very much some spare time…. 😦