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This is actually very hard thing to do, for me at least, to get some time out & write Some things which I am thinking all the way down from no matter how long, may be a couple of years or months or weeks or days or hours or minutes or even seconds … but always when I start writing it’s fun to me. How fun, like I rarely see what I am typing because I can’t really do two things at a time either I can think or write or stare at the monitor to check spellings or type, of course [but typing doesn’t matter much] … so what I basically do is, close my eyes & start writing whatever comes into my mind , this way I can concentrate more on my thinking rather than my typing so that I  can write quickly & better, of course.
So this way I can save few minutes which I will surely waste somewhere else :-P. Anyways I am not pro blogger and I don’t wanna be either, because then I will loose fun part basically.

These are just some of blog’s stats :

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    That’s quite low but I told na, I am neither a pro blogger nor a regular one but trying to be, now … 🙂 I dream to get loads of comments & visitors one day too 😉 It is said na, “Someday we gonna rise up on that wind you knowSomeday we gonna dance with those lions.” But sometimes I think, “Dude, it’s been more than two years & you wrote only this much, bus etna hi… shame on you:-D.” There are people like skbohra who get around same number of views I have total in few hours :-). Then I think miles to go before I sleep.  Touch-wood 🙂 feeling sleepy zzz…



So uhmm…. one or two days before I was giving talk on network & security tools under Linux under Lugb week . While showing demos I got stuck somewhere . I was using gooscan used as a google scanner to crawl google & fetch results from google search . As it started looking up , got an error of Host not found: . I tried pinging to but nothing happen . So I just left that thing as it is & move on to next.  But the question remain unanswered for me , continuously bugging me .

So as I was about to sleep at night I got an idea to solve this problem using java. I retired from bed instantly & start writing a java program that fetch any site’s ip address for which it has to ping given URL , & that is all I wanted to test.

here is that program :

import java.util.*;
import java.lang.*;

public class ip
public static void main (String args[ ]){
InetAddress my[ ]=InetAddress.getAllByName(“”);
System.out.println(“IP of my system is:=”+my[0].getHostAddress());
}catch(Exception e){
System.out.println(“Exception has been caught=”+e.getMessage());

So when i execute it throws an exception while reading the address given to it. I thought a bit why it is still happening what this class basically does which i have used to query in this program then i get to know that this class basically checks for the DNS & the puzzle solved.

Since I am under a squid proxy server & whenever I query for a DNS that request go to this proxy server not to the real server , in the same way when i try to ping , request goes to proxy server not to &  the host we actually required is not reachable , but it’s cache which is stored in  proxy server is reachable. Got it ?So another cool hack by me 😀 yeah yeah now stop making fun of me !

IRC Puzzle !

So from many days i have been using irc channels to contact  people & to be more socialize but got some problem like this, “My ISP uses a pix firewall through which he has blocked almost all the ports except 8080 & the reason is he actually doesn’t properly configure that for only some ports so it was not even possible for me to connect to irc channel using port 6667 because that is even blocked & all in the series.
There was a solution of using but that is not feasible because  after remaining idle using this you will simultaneously be logged out due to session out problem. So i have to rejoin all the channels again & again & that is so boring job..

So here is the solution of problem , I thought to use webchat but not directly means there is always one way or other to do things ..

here is my solution all you have to do to just save it as let’s say irc.html & you are good to go!

<iframe src=”; width=”1250″ height=”450”></iframe>

just replace value of nick variable with your nickname & replace channel1 value with the channel you like to join separating out them with %2C like lugb. Prompt is use to authenticate to services as it is necessary to speak on some channels or you can remove it ;)This iframe actually break contact with browser directly so all the problem are solved

Have phun with irc