When I’m on roads

When I’m on roads,
I see big trucks, I see little cycles,
Chasing each other,
I’m so frightened when a hole is missed on roads.

When I’m on roads,
I see lights, I see dark,
Moving away like I’m a criminal,
I’m so frightened when I see red on roads.

When I’m on roads,
I see smiles, I see tears,
Fighting each other,
I’m so frightened when I see jam on roads.

When I’m on roads,
I see a mare, I see a bier,
Mocking at each other,
I’m so frightened when I find water on roads.

When I’m on roads,
I see football, I see hockey sticks,
Loosing respect in the hearts,
I’m so frightened when I’m forced to stop on roads.

When I’m on roads,
I hear blessings, I hear imprecates,
Bringing life on earth,
I’m so frightened when I’m lying on roads.

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Scattered !

Temperature: 9 °C
Comfort level: 9 °C
Dew point: 9 °C
Barometer: 1018 millibars
Humidity: 100%
Visibility: 1 km
Wind: No wind

Fog. Cool.

Uff ! These are the current conditions & i am shivering with both cold & unknown fear . Cold because it’s not so hot here & fear  this is what trying to capture my mind & I think it has gone so far on this path !

Seriously, I am not at all intended to write this blog-post at this time especially but the situations are changing & I found this the best possible way to express myself to anyone when everything seems to be gone !  Scattered like as if you pick out a card from the Palace of cards & shhh it get scattered , some are here & some are there. I would rather choose to sleep than doing this if it is not that . A storm is again knocking at my door I think.

Simply I messed  up with someone & this is really serious, my eyes don’t want to see this screen & mind and heart first time in life working together, no!you can’t ! How could you if that person you just rendered into an unknown circumstances & pain won’t be able to sleep? Furthermore, you get a signal to shut all connections down else they will be broken for ever up along with heart. This dark night is going to be so restless, as far as i know 😦

I don’t know why THY Holy Grace always snatches things from me when I thought of them as a part of my life. I really don’t know what will I be doing in next minutes but for sure, Sleeping this night is quite unimpressive task to do.

Ohh!! God help that person & forgive me for the mistakes I committed just an hour ago, probably.