Being at delly

As they says, “This is the place where shit happens! and yeah dilwalo ki dilli.” But literally I never found it dilwalo ki. Anyways I eventually took some time out to write what’s been overdue since months ^_^

Good Gracious, I went through real life in past few months & process continues hopefully. It’s looks as if tomorrow, I am sleeping in the bed [Snoring may be sometimes, as he used to complaint… But I don’t think so.] with no worries, no race, no dust, no shine, no dark even like life is running so smoothly as is the ocean before storm comes. Really this was the peace that prevails in the surroundings, never letting you know what’s been waiting for you …how dark it could be for some or not. But eventually fare-thee-well.

Whatever be the reason, I landed in the city with whatever targets are no more targets, are no more reasons, all I have is empty cup to fill myself with whatever comes in, because as Jackie Chan says, “How can you drop something into the cup, if it is already fill?”

Most importantly money speaks in this city, if you come Delhi searching for India, damn you are at wrong place, It’s just another place called capital of India, still figuring out … should it be? A place where on the road you will find 3 years old child playing in the mud and on the other hand a car passes by throwing mud at him again & he is still playing … a place where blue line buses is known as Delhi Metro … a place where looting is the synonym of happiness … a place where that “aunty” can threaten you to send you to Jail, just because she wears googles, goes in kitties  & knows some policemen and most importantly you are not giving her money for not sending you jail or at least pretends because she wears $5 sun glasses :-/ 😕 … a place where people don’t have word ‘humanity’ in their dictionaries … a place where a Gandhiji is more important than alive person … a place where air is polluted not by vehicles or etc but by selfish nerves … a place you may be eaten because papi pet ka sawal h yaar [why don’t you understand?]… a place where lives by literate idiots who think themselves as genius …  a place where actually shit happens …

Somehow I still remember Darwin’s law of Evolution 🙂 and few days back *sigh*, I joined a place to hack myself more, again a place, helping me out to fill that cup & where people talks in terms of  modules” …  a place  where people make module for each & every aspect of their life wherever they think needs customization, because this way helps them to remove that module completely whenever they want to, leaving no sign in their life & ease upgrading later. #life #sign … a place where they laugh, they hear, they speak, they think, they sleep, they code & most importantly they eat and so do I … 

Anyways lot to see yet, hope I will continue writing frequently now, even if you read it or not oO.Oo