Malnourished flame of love

Since thousands of years, I am headed to that flame
heard she’s glowing somewhere far far away
heard she’s a desire not the part of fire
shaky yet definite, tender yet mature, thin yet efficient.

Heard she’s mad when wind rustle through the trees
obliging for a conversion into fire
asking to hold her to put an end to this restlessness
reading an anecdote to close her eyes.

Heard she’s sad when they don’t adore her warmth
tests your patience to see if it flee
giggles with you till tear roll down your eye
stares with those biggest brown eyes till you are lost.

Heard she’s the reason for so many to live
yet the reason to give all and die
yet the reason for understanding love
yet the reason for believing in angel from up above.

Heard she’s yellowish-orange like sun
but fair enough to take your breathe away
heard she’s hot like lava
but soft enough to slip out of hands
Heard she’s the one, the dream, the star, the heart, the truth,
the fun, the therapist,
but never realised she’s the feeling of contentment and
the young love.

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Into the unknowns with me!

Aasu Namak Se Lage Rishte Hain Kachhe Daage
Rate Pe Apne Saaye Khud Se Kyun Door Baage

Someone said to me why do you expect others to trust you or love you or care you or think about you ?Still this question puzzles my mind… New year is bringing lots of ups & downs, the very next moment I have to face what I don’t want to, fate is dragging me forcefully into unknowns. Every second I am loosing ,rendering myself into disgusting situations.

Why does it always happens with me yaar ! I thought someone is there with me to hear what am i saying in every second of my life…Why things always comes to go aways later from you? But that was not any  ‘thing’, a real  time processing unit in the form of heart of the body . I don’t want to loose that beautiful heart but my fate as it’s habit don’t want me to spend few moments happily. That person is now so far away from me till the unknown . May be ‘you’ reading this,you know who refers ‘you’? let me tell you one thing it’s impossible (and this impossible does not mean i m possible this is impossible means can’t possible simply) to forget even a single moment .Gonna keep those feeling forever!

So if anyone likes to come into unknowns with me because now I think this blog is the only option left for me to express my feelings both to unknowns & may be to knowns. Again, I am confused if I am alone or not?

From the moment I first saw you
Knew my heart could not be free
Have to hold you in my arms now
There can never be another for me

Burning, burning

I remember that I can still feel you
Sometimes I’m blind but I see you
You are here but so far away

The times when you wanna.. Im missing you
Makes me feel like I’m spinning
Sometimes you get what you gain

I’m on a coaster-collision
Am not about to give in
Can’t explain my position or the condition that I’m in.