What am I thinking is to put DND(Do not disturb) out of my room? But think that’s gonna mess things up more! I don’t know why the hell people don’t understand the meaning of word privacy? Why don’t they do their work & let others do the same!

In the last four year of engineering I met various kind of creepy stuff, who are intruders to someone’s privacy or some who actually love this word. Is this really necessary to ping even if the status is DND? Why do the hell you not understand it is RED sign? Why don’t they understand it is my life & I want to live the way I want without their fucking interference or whenever I try to put some filter, they say,”see his attitude.” LOL O’rely! GTFO Man! You are not welcome here.

Why the hell they are so much interested in others lives? Never heard, “Live & let live!”

Why do they expect to know everyone secret? Man don’t you even understand the meaning of word “SECRET.” Think if I tell you, would it be called secret anymore or are you really worth keeping it secret? You think yes? If you say that I promise I won’t tell anyone, then I would say, “Go To Hell! I am not going to tell you even!” 😉

I need more privacy, I like to do some work, do not disturb! Or I will create a Firewall rule, then no matter your intention is right or wrong, you will be blocked! Just a quick notice to my so call friends!

Privacy is not something that I’m merely entitled to, it’s an absolute prerequisite.