Sakshama Gn’09

So this was the end of session of SAKSHAMA this year , with lots of kool stuff & lots of troubleshoots & of course lots of complaints as our feedback to make next one better & best…

This sakshama taught me lots of things such as our country is very tremendously corrupted, and..   it is always better to keep yourself away from some things.. and.. waht could be better to get yourself open ..and .. if you run behind something, that thing or person will get away from you.. the all you can do is to keep you eyes determined @ your aim..& rest will be done by that person…or the thing..

one of my friend & senior has said very good thing about it..

इच्छा मेरी, दुखों की जननी
सीख के मैंने, कर के जानी
धुप में खिले, रंगों की रानी
इच्छा करूँ, मेहनत से पाऊ

बिन समय, जब जो सोचूं
कमजोर मैं, किस्मत कोसु
तोड़ अपेक्षाएं, खड़ा होके
तिनका तिनका, गढ़ता जाऊँ

I met peoples everyone of who has something special in their own such as some was good looking, some was good in doings & some was good in my mailing list is becoming large & large enough..isn’t it cool 🙂 I am going to miss those persons to whom i interacted somehow 🙂

& this was also the end of my career @sakshama gn’09 as a web admin..It was to nice to work with & my boss..

The biggest cool thing is we set up a LUG,bikaner.. under the guidance of OUR CHIEF GUEST MR. niyam Bhushan...Hope this will be the coolest community ever & biggest too..I am very excited about it.. Let’s see what is next to me & us the open source lovers..