When I’m on roads

When I’m on roads,
I see big trucks, I see little cycles,
Chasing each other,
I’m so frightened when a hole is missed on roads.

When I’m on roads,
I see lights, I see dark,
Moving away like I’m a criminal,
I’m so frightened when I see red on roads.

When I’m on roads,
I see smiles, I see tears,
Fighting each other,
I’m so frightened when I see jam on roads.

When I’m on roads,
I see a mare, I see a bier,
Mocking at each other,
I’m so frightened when I find water on roads.

When I’m on roads,
I see football, I see hockey sticks,
Loosing respect in the hearts,
I’m so frightened when I’m forced to stop on roads.

When I’m on roads,
I hear blessings, I hear imprecates,
Bringing life on earth,
I’m so frightened when I’m lying on roads.

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Unhand-led Exceptions

Ehh! what was in my mind still not understandable for me ?I just wrote that down in my mobile while I was always travelling far away to home. Some of them I saved somehow to think later what they really mean 😀 ? Can any of you reading it help me out…

/*Just few of them let me put here*/

  • One more problem occurred ,why are not they leaving me just alone?Following me till the… Don’t know actually till when! 😉 strange ! Then let it be! Far across the worlds. But waht these line mean? May be that one can never get the real idea hidden behind the deepness of the earth? meaning is so simple that you are none.
  • It is something you would not tell ever to anyone in your life. Nothing endangers yours v/s yourself.You feel so obnoxious whether you are or not that really doesn’t matter. Everything crummy all over here,nothing can be said about what’s in my mind..how am i feeling? What could be worst than if you tried for something & just failed, I think that is not the appropriate word to suit the situation,the best one is inauspicious & lost victory uhhh..Now that is the real matter to feel proud of .. 😉

Just few are still bugging the Linux operating system of my body. I think this is a virus attack, if it is so that would take a lots of effort to remove 😀 Let’s see the next thought that virus generate in my unwieldy mind.