All things were going in decent way till I burst out with that unusual voice, might be disguising myself in the face of frankness. I touched the heart of someone thinking that my one will become a bit light, but as always happens with me just the outcome was really unexpected rendering me in deep & never-ending voyage of thoughts & those thoughts has brought enormous amount of frustration & anger in me.I was actually becoming a bit selfish,dint’ I ? I never expected these consequences(sometimes)that could happen, of being so true to yourself, pondering if this dark night will ever make a successful call for the new moon of my life?I wish I could ever apologise for my doings.
Year 2010 brought what I don’t want to wish for. Really unpredictable things tackling my brain daily .I still don’t have their definitions .Actually, I am in amaze whether this year has brought lots of ups & downs for me or these are the some initial difficulties of something really big. My heart is becoming so weak that anything has just started penetrating it even what fears from it in previous year.
But do you know what the best is that I got a chance to touch my heart first in my 20 years of life & that’s the best effect on this WONDERLAND anyone can feel.But I really want to move to Pendora now. #Hope,that I can get more tick-marks in my to-do list not like last year:(
Last but not the least,May GOD give me strength so I never hurt anyone like I did recently.
Except it, I can’t cram things,Oh ! THY save me from these unwanted theory !Is getting good marks is the only necessary reason of our sweet little life? Strange things always happens with strange peoples 😀