Hunting me

Hammering the head against the wall,
filling face with blood,
popping the veins out,
ripping heart out of chest, but
I am on the run to hunt myself.
Jumping into those blue waters,
watching everything go dark,
sensing them around
signalling to leave the place, but
I am on the run to hunt myself.
Wandering across the distant land,
meeting with the drifters,
listening to those desperate cries,
feeling the agitation in the air, but
I am on the run to hunt myself.
Entering into the colosseum,
listening to the chanting names,
struggling with irons,
observing those coming spears, but
I am on the run to hunt myself.
Lying in the cradle,
hearing her sing,
dreaming with eyes wide open,
attempting to get out, but
I am just an infant.
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I am

I am crunched,I am crashed,I am smashed,I am fucked,I am stuffed,I am toasted, I am bowd, I am cockeyed, I am crazy, I am crooked , I am crumpled, I am distorted, I am twisted, I am warped , I am suffocated, I am tanked, I am the worse for, I am weakened , I am worsened, I am suppressed, I am subjugated, i am raddled, I am reduced, I am pissed, I am polluted, I am potted, I am skunk-drunk, I am oiled, I am pickled, I am aggravated, I am burned, I am busted, I am canned, I am chipped, I am crocked, I am harmed, I am imperfect, I am muddled, I am quashed, I am  scalded, I am  squiffy, I am  stewed, I am  subdued, I am  swacked, I am  torn, I am  slashed, I am screwed , I am exacerbated, I am felled, I am  flattened, I am  fried , I am  pissy-eyed, I am lopsided , I am unplugged, I am  soaked, I am overstuffed, I am  burst, I am overfed, I am  overgorged, I am overloaded, I am disgusted, I am frustrated, I am irritated, I am not I am now 😦

OK it’s done now , it’s hard now to find out more words in my memory.:(

yeah last one now I am memory-less.